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Testing the INDUSTAR 50-2 f/3.5 M42 Screw Mount on a LEICA SL (Typ 601)


Just received another vintage lens today to add to my working collection, the INDUSTAR 50-2 f/3.5 M42 Screw Mount. This is a ‘New Old Stock’ manual focus lens made in Russia, in the late 70’s, and found on eBay for only £20.00.

Industar 50-2

This is my third Vintage Russian lens, all are in immaculate condition and found as ‘New Old Stock’. I must say I really do like them a lot, these lens have character. Most of them also have to be used with a hood as the coating -if any- is far to be up to the quality of a modern lens and a vintage Russian lens is prone to flare and low contrast results. Well, nothing bad if you know it before shooting with and I’m not living under the strong sunshine of exotic places so, here, in Scotland, my only concern would be that my vintage lens is not weather sealed :)


This one, the INDUSTAR 50-2 f/3.5 M42, is the smallest one and when I say small, I really mean it. The weight is 68 gr. and this is a solid build and all metal lens, no plastic, so you’ll understand better how small this lens is. If I did not have the size of the adapter between the lens and my camera, I think I’ll be in trouble to operate it.


Here is the first 3 image samples, all taken at f/3.5. Those are not images I will submit to an artistic contest of course but weather wasn’t really good today so, just did few snapshots at home to show both the sharpness and the bokeh produced by this amazing little lens.


Industar 50-2 mounted to a Leica SL


Industar 50-2 mounted to a Leica SL


Industar 50-2 mounted to a Leica SL


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