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Testing the Jupiter-37A 3.5/135mm M42 Screw Mount on a LEICA SL (Typ 601)


Another very interesting lens I’m using on the Leica SL is the Jupiter-37A, a manual tele of 135mm which can be useful for portrait photography of course but also for a lot of other situations...


This lens, from the 80’s, is also a ‘New Old Stock’ find on eBay and will cost you around £65-80 in new condition.

The design of this lens is based on the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f/3.5 and is on the high resolution side, producing lovely warm images with an interesting mix of sharpness and softness. It has no less than 12 aperture blades which is helping to obtain a wonderful bokeh. With a length of 90mm and a weight of 410 gr, this is on the comfortable and portable size. As a M42 screw mount lens, you’ll need an adapter to use it with your modern DSLR or Mirrorless camera but those are commonly available from £10 to £30 on eBay, depending of your camera brand.
This is a manual only lens existing in two versions, a Multicoated (MC) one and a regular version without multi-coating. I own the regular one which is more subject to flare and contrast decrease. To attenuate this defect, I always use a hood and do not shoot straight into the light.

The 3 following images were taken at 4:30 PM in Scotland and in winter time so it means no more than an hour before the end of daylight. Very pleased with this lens results, I marked it as a keeper and added it to my growing collection of working vintage Russian lens


Jupiter-37A on Leica SL


Jupiter-37A on Leica SL


Jupiter-37A on Leica SL


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