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My Twin Babies… Born four years apart!


My Twin Babies… Born four years apart

Following my previous article, few months ago, it is well obvious than I’m now back full-time into the Fuji X System cameras and I’m so glad I did. My main working camera is the awesome Fuji X-Pro2 and I really do love and enjoy working with it everyday. Not only it is really a fun tool to use but this camera also does the job perfectly for my shooting assignments.
As a working photographer and to have a minimal level of security, I was in need of a second body and this is where it became a little more complicated. Well, let me get something out of the way first… If money was flowing abundantly and securely, then no problem or hesitation at all, it will be a second X-Pro2 body. Yup, I love it at this point ;-) but, unfortunately, the actual time is not to invest without counting and I still need this second body so what are my options and what is my way of thinking? 
Inside the Fuji X System, several options were possible and I looked into them all taking in consideration my working needs but I also wanted to have another body I will enjoy to use.
First of all, I went into looking for the XE2s which is selling at a very low price now and even more if you can find an “Open Box” one sold by an official retailer or directly at the Fuji Shop (Refurbished). Well, no doubt this model is the closest of what I like the most for a camera as it also has a Rangefinder like body. Considering the latest firmware update, this lovely camera could also do the job pretty well for my use.
Second possibility was the XT1 model which also has, as my main body, the weather sealed body. When living in Scotland, believe me, it is not really a luxury to have this add-on on your camera. It also has the tilting screen which can be so comfortable for me while shooting landscapes but finally, for this latest point I have found another solution. More on that a little further. The worse factor for this model, at least to me, is the DSLR like body and I would really appreciate to not have to use this kind of body anymore.
Third possibility is the new coming XT20 with the exact same 24MP sensor as my main camera which can be very practical in some situations. The two other model options are both the older generation 16MP sensor but once again, this body is DSLR kind shaped and maybe even a little too small for my hands too.
Well, I can take sometimes to decide of course. There is no rush at all and by the way, I don’t really need to be totally in love with this second body as this is what it will be anyway, a second body for the “just in case” moment. So, I’m taking my time… Checking online again and trying to find a clue or this little detail powerful enough to give me the joy to say “That’s the one I want!”
And it happened of course… In the most funny way and not at all what I was going for or even thinking about first. After having set-up few following links on eBay for the XT1, XT10, XE2 models I noticed in one of those a misspelled listing for the X-Pro1 model… and BAM! I was there again… The one model which started my whole love story with Fuji X cameras. So, let’s think twice… What if…? No, not this time… This model is too old now. OK, let just set-up a list to follow for X-Pro1 too, just to check what’s available now and see what’s going on.
This model of camera is still well present and there is few available offers so I went a little further than eBay and extended my researches until I found this store in Austria having few of them for sale as “New Old Stock” and no more expensive than an “Open Box” XE2s… Oh my! Starting to feel my heart beating faster. What's wrong with me?
OK, let’s think again… The X-Pro1 does need a diopter correction (+2 for me) and I remember this thing is not easy to find… Let’s check for that again. Awesome, ten minutes later, I’ve found a store in UK having few of them so not a problem anymore. What else? 16MP sensor and first generation for both sensor and processor… Hmmm, I remember making some awesome images with this setting few year ago so why not? Bear with me, it is still supposed to be a second body, right? Only for the “just in case” moment right? So what’s wrong with that? Could have been too my first Fuji camera kept as second body when doing the upgrade to the X-Pro2. So, you see how my mind is working now… You perfectly got it that I want to get that ‘new’ X-Pro1 body again isn’t it, without putting the technical details first but instead willing to follow my emotive path with this camera?
Well, you got that right… I pulled the trigger Monday and did purchase this brand new old stock Fuji X-Pro1. Today, we are Thursday and the UPS guy just delivered my baby… all the way from Austria to Scotland (Well, not the same UPS guy I guess :) and the feeling was intense when opening the package and pulling out this brand new ‘old’ camera out of its box… Oh my, how awesome is that? You are back home my baby and for a short but powerful instant, I just felt like four years younger. The most funny thing is that my purchase of the first X-Pro1, four years ago, was at the exact same period of the year. Anyone may see a sign in that. 
I’m so happy to get back this one too and for so many reasons. Of course my beloved X-Pro2 is still my workhorse as this new model is the one most up to the task about productive work and speed but I don’t want either to start an eventual fraternal jealousy between my babies and I might, some times, take the X-Pro1 for some Street Life photography. I already know he’d love that.
Happiness… Getting there… Step by Step ;-)



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