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Creative’s Scotland Collective Group: Photography, Modelling and Makeup Artistry



Creative's Scotland
Living in Central Scotland, I’m also a Team Member of a Collective group named “Creative’s Scotland”. We are 8 Team Members with most of us being photographers but also including 2 models. Together, and following the original idea of the group creator, Andy Marshall, we are proud to organise as much events as possible to get photographers, models, designers and makeup artists working all together in a very fun and friendly atmosphere. Once a month, there is a major event which usually get some published images in a few photo magazines all around the UK. 
Although Scottish Art may have some occasional support from local Governments, it is more difficult for Photography, Modelling and Makeup Artistry to enjoy the same promotional level of support. It is where “Creatives Scotland” came to life with the goal of promoting and to give the missing support to all artists involved in the Fashion/Modelling activity sector (professional or not). 
I would like to invite the photographers and models reading this article and living in Scotland to check out our Facebook page and to join us for more fun to come…





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