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My photography business is now listed on VisitScotland.Com

This morning, I truly enjoyed and really appreciated to see my Photography business to be listed on the huge and awesome website VisitScotland.Com. Scotland’s national tourism website VisitScotland.Com welcomes over 20 million visitors each year. Relaunched in 2016, the site is optimised for mobile devices and all content pages are translated into five major European languages. 

Jeremy Lavender Photography on VisitScotland.Com
To celebrate this great event, I have added a specific promotion reserved to the visitors of this Scottish discovery website by offering a discount to the “Landscape Photography Workshop” for beginners. These workshops will be held in Clackmannanshire, also called the "Wee County". Don't let this denomination fools you as Clackmannanshire County, also called "Clacks" by locals, has so many and different beautiful sceneries to offer.
Wherever you are coming from, I hope to see you soon around here and to be honoured to show you a part of "Bonnie Scotland" as well as to teach you a few interesting bits about landscape photography...





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