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“Religion & Sins” shooting day at Culross Abbey in Scotland


Two weeks ago, I enjoyed a very original and fun themed shooting day with five awesome models all dressed as Nuns. The session was held at the small but lovely ruins of Culross Abbey in Fife (Scotland) and the theme was… “Religion & Sins”!
Not only the whole team did a real great job giving me the opportunity to create some epic photographs but I was also delighted to have some of the images -both from the shooting itself as well as some from “Behind The Scene”- to be published to the FUJI X PASSION website, with a short description of the event.


“Religion & Sins” shooting day at Culross Abbey in Scotland


I’m always very happy to have my work published of course and, not only for myself but I also appreciate it a lot as it comes as a great reward and recognition of the hard work from all Models and Make-Up artists involved.
Thank you very much to everyone who participated to this successful event and thanks a lot to the great guys of FUJI X PASSION for your kind support in publishing my work.


Feel free to visit FUJI X PASSION website to see all the selected images and the story behind the shooting. You can also click on the above screenshot to be redirected to the article. 


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