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Special Offer for VisitScotland.Com website visitors…

2 FOR 1 - Bring a second person with you FOR FREE to the Landscape Photography Workshop...

This event is specially intended to teach beginners how to create stunning landscape images in beautiful Scotland. Shooting locations are usually held in Clackmannanshire County and mostly in the towns of Clackmannan, Alva, Alloa or Dollar

Jeremy Lavender Photography on VisitScotland.Com
Initially there is a cost of £185.00 per person but with this promotional offer, exclusive to the VisitScotland.Com website, you can bring a second person with you FOR FREE.  The second person can be your spouse, a family member or even a friend. 
See all details about this offer listed on VisitScotland.Com website.
Looking forward to meet you soon in beautiful Scotland ;-)
Jeremy Lavender Photography


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