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Photography Workshops in Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh...


Discover five different and professional photography workshops for beginners in Glasgow, Stirling, Alloa and Edinburgh (Central Scotland). At these workshops, several things can be guaranteed; a friendly atmosphere, lots of fun, practical exchange of photography advices and breathtaking sceneries... All you need to enjoy your photography passion on a stress-free day.
Photography Workshops for Beginners
Feel free to click on the above banner to get more details about it and see how to register for an event.
Looking forward to meeting you soon…
Jeremy Lavender Photography

I can also offer 'One to One' Events. 'One to One' workshops can be structured to cover few photographic subjects you would like to learn about; Street Photography, Portrait, Landscape. Feel free to get in touch for more details or to book your own 'One to One' Workshop.



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