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Photographic Assignments...  


Assignments vary widely depending on the client needs and the specifics of the project. From a very simple assignment, such as photographing a sculptor artist doing his artwork for a magazine article, or an advertising campaign for the latest in golf clubs that involves shooting on location at major clubs across the country for multiple promotion and advertising uses. The former requires very little production, but the latter would need extensive planning.


The first step is to determine exactly my client needs. 

Project requirements may include such things as travel time and expenses, pre- and post-production time, location scouting, photographer’s assistant(s), models, hotels, meals, rental car, gas and tolls, image processing, permits and clearances. In my estimate, you'll find my fees separated from my expenses.


Unless otherwise agreed on, the photographer always owns the copyright to the images created. However, for an additional fee, the client may purchase rights to use freely and for as long as wanted the photographs. This clause will always appear in a written licensing agreement.


Pricing varies considerably depending on the assignment request.

Every assignment has production costs. Some contracts might be estimated quickly by using the basic rates available here and some more specific jobs might need a complete quote at first. It is always better to contact me and to give me as many details as possible about the job to be done. I will send a detailed offer for you to approve. To secure a work planning and cover the production costs, a 50 percent deposit is mandatory when placing your order. 


VAT Registered, Professionally Insured and Licensed Photographer. 

As a legally registered and licensed professional photographer in UK, all my rates are inclusive of 20% of VAT. I'm also fully and professionally insured through PolicyBee.


I'm available for the following assignments (included but not limited to):

- Studio/Modelling/Beauty/Fashion (Local & International) 

- Street Life and/or Documentary (Local & International) 

- Photo Stock on Demand (Local & International)

- Real Estate (Local & International)

- Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Resorts (Local & International)

- Tourism and/or Touristic Attractions (Local & International)

- Products, Commercial and Marketing (Local & International)

- Professional Photography Workshops for Beginners (Local)


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